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*IEEE Communications Magazine Call for Papers*
*Special Issue on Social-aware Communication Networks and Systems and
Innovative Social Network Applications and Services*

*Call for Papers*
Social network analysis has been an active area of research for several
decades. Ιt has recently though gained a big momentum with the booming
popularity of social media, the proliferation of mobile devices and
advancement of their capabilities and the semantically enriched user
interactions that have exponentially grown, especially during the
long-lasting COVID-19 pandemic. In general, social entities with close
relationships (family, friends), sharing similar interests or belonging
within the same community, tend to interact more often, more regularly and
for longer periods than others, carrying with them an inherent concept of
trust. Representing social interactions using directed or undirected graphs
with nodes and edges carrying weight and different types of information,
researchers have been able to identify users within certain circles of
trust / distrust (friends, friends of friends, distrusted entities, friends
of distrusted entities, etc.), communities of users sharing similar
interests, the most influential users and information / influence flows,
and to develop recommender system for users and content. The social
dimension, however, cannot be separated from the spatial one: physical
proximity affects relations between users, making social ties establishment
more likely to succeed. Thus, online social networks and offline social
interactions (mostly following users’ mobility patterns) in the physical
world can play a crucial role in a multitude of areas.

As a result of the aforementioned considerations, social networks have
attracted interest from researchers across multiple disciplines and for a
wide range of challenges. Without being exhaustive: developing social-aware
networking algorithms for improving various networking operations (most
notably routing and information forwarding, resource allocation, content
placement/caching/sharing etc.), identifying graph topology structure as
well as its evolution, along with information / influence paths for
maximizing the impact of information dissemination (with advertisements for
new products and services in marketing being a direct application area) and
exploring decision making process in a social psychology context (with the
Internet of Behaviors forming a new concept to be explored), designing
incentive mechanisms for promoting cooperation and establishing trust in
order to address security concerns (mostly concerning open, uncertain,
highly dynamic and potentially competitive environments, such as Internet
of Things). These challenges have often been addressed with the help of
emerging informatics and communication technologies such as artificial
intelligence (AI), big data analysis, and blockchain.

The aim of this Feature Topic (FT) is to attract original works discussing
the state-of-the-art and setting future directions in the area of
social-aware networks and advanced applications in the following topical

Prospective authors are invited to submit articles on topics including, but
not limited to:

   - Graph modeling, learning/prediction, social network evolution with
   application in social-aware networks / systems and advanced applications;
   simulations, experiments
   - Recommender systems, community detection with application in
   social-aware networks / systems and advanced applications
   - Influence, trust, information propagation & evolution with application
   in social-aware networks / systems and advanced applications
   - Detection and mitigation of echo chambers, polarization,
   radicalization and other societal challenges exacerbated by social media
   platforms with application in social-aware networks / systems and advanced
   - Platforms, algorithms, systems and techniques integrating
   AI/blockchain/big data with social networking
   - Social-aware traffic management
   - Social-aware network infrastructure
   - Social-by-engineering design in 6G
   - Social-aware networking algorithms, techniques and social-aware
   communication systems
   - Internet of Things (IoT), Social-IoT, Internet of Behavior (IoB),
   Social Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of People
   - Social sensing
   - Location-based social networks, user activity modeling and
   exploitation, mobility and behavior data mining
   - Advanced Innovative social network related applications and services
   - Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research on social networks
   for social-aware networking and advanced applications

*Submission Guidelines*
Manuscripts should conform to the standard format as indicated in the
Information for Authors section of the Manuscript Submission Guidelines
Please, check these guidelines carefully before submitting since
submissions not complying with them will be administratively rejected
without review.

All manuscripts to be considered for publication must be submitted by the
deadline through Author Portal
<https://ieee.atyponrex.com/journal/COMMAG-IEEE>. Select the “FT-2227 /
Social-aware communication networks and systems” topic from the drop-down
menu of Topic/Series titles. Please observe the dates specified here below
noting that there will be no extension of submission deadline.

*Important Dates*
Manuscript Submission Deadline: 30 April 2023
Decision Notification: 30 July 2023
Final Manuscript: 30 September 2023
Publication: Fourth Quarter 2023

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