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Dear all,

*Global Media and China: Call for Book Reviewers *
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Global Media and China (GMAC) welcomes the opportunity to publish reviews
of books If the book is considered a particularly significant contribution
to communication and media studies in China and beyond within the broad
communication field. We are therefore inviting scholars to propose books
that they wish to review.

Book reviews can be solicited by the editor or offered unsolicited by
prospective reviewers. Calls for book reviews related to a specific theme
issue will appear on this site from time to time. General reviews are
welcome at all times.

Reviews should give an account of the book’s aims and remit and, more
importantly, critically evaluate its contribution to theories, policy and
practice. Reviews should avoid promoting the book. Commonly, they should be
between 1000 and 1500 words and documented in APA style, with the following
elements in the following order: title page, text, and reviewer's details.
Further guidelines can be found at:

Potential book reviewers should send their CVs to the book review editor,
Jie Gu, PhD, at jie.gu at cuc.edu.cn in the first instance. The proposal
should outline the book's title and the general significance of the study
relevant to the journal's scope. After approval of the proposal, authors
will be invited to submit their review via the journal’s Scholar One
submission site
submissions will be subject to editorial review for integrity, clarity, and
general coherency.

*Book List*

1.     Power and Perspective: Early Photography in China. (2022). United
Kingdom: Yale University Press.

2.     Kaye, D. B. V., Zeng, J., Wikstrom, P. (2022). TikTok: Creativity
and Culture in Short Video. United Kingdom: Wiley.

3.     Zeng, Y. (2022). Reporting China on the Rise: Habitus and Prisms of
China Correspondents. United Kingdom: Taylor & Francis Limited.

4.     Dai, J., Zeng, F. (2021). Environmental Risk Communication in China:
Actors, Issues, and Governance. United States: Taylor & Francis.

5.     Made in Hong Kong: Studies in Popular Music. (2020). United
States: Taylor & Francis.

6.     McGrath, J. (2023). Chinese Film: Realism and Convention from the
Silent Era to the Digital Age. United States: University of Minnesota Press.

7.     Berry, M. (2022). Jia Zhangke on Jia Zhangke. United Kingdom: Duke
University Press.

8.     Maeda, D. J. (2022). Like Water: A Cultural History of Bruce
Lee. United States: NYU Press.

9.     Hui, C. (2021). The Art of Useless: Fashion, Media, and Consumer
Culture in Contemporary China. United States: Columbia University Press.

10.  Yang, G. (2022). The Wuhan Lockdown. United States: Columbia
University Press.

11.  Ha, G. (2022). The Sound of Salvation: Voice, Gender, and the Sufi
Mediascape in China. United States: Columbia University Press.

12.  Xue, A., Rose, K. (2022). Weibo Feminism: Expression, Activism, and
Social Media in China. United Kingdom: Bloomsbury Publishing.

13.  Sound Communities in the Asia Pacific: Music, Media, and
Technology. (2022). United Kingdom: Bloomsbury Academic.

14.  Lin, L. (2022). Convergent Chinese Television Industries: An
Ethnography of Chinese Production Cultures. Switzerland: Springer
International Publishing.

15.  Xu, X. (2022). Online News-Prompted Public Spheres in
China. (n.p.): Springer International Publishing.

16.  Miao, H. (2022). The Sentimental in Chinese
Cinema. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

17.  Xu, F. (2022). Transformation of Contemporary Film Genre: The
Aesthetics of Chinese Mainland Mainstream Cinema. Singapore: Springer
Nature Singapore.

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