[Air-L] looking for a software to code Instagram posts (image and text together)

cbouko catherine.bouko at ugent.be
Tue Jan 31 00:30:38 PST 2023

Dear AoIR members,

I am looking for a software to conduct a quantitative content analysis of
Instagram posts that I collected via Apify. To do this, I need a software
that allows me to visualize the Instagram image and the text at the same
time, in order to code the post as a whole in categories.
I am note sure MAXQDA allows this, for example.

Do you have some experience with such softwares and with coding data
collected with Apify (in json) ?

Many many thanks for your replies.

All the best,


Catherine Bouko

Ghent University
Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Groot-Brittanniëlaan 45
9000 Gent
Bureau: B2.06

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