[Air-L] TikTok Bans and Research

Jacqueline Vickery jvickery183 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 10:29:25 PST 2023

Hi David,

Fellow Texan here currently writing 2 papers on TikTok and teaching
about/with it in my courses. It's beyond frustrating. Our university
(University of North Texas) has said we can submit an exemption request for
"legitimate purposes," but I haven't done it yet (this all conveniently
happened right before winter break). You might see what UTA is doing in
terms of exceptions for researchers. In terms of teaching, I plan to
download the videos (from my partner's laptop since the only laptop I have
is university-owned) and embed them directly into my slides so that I'm not
accessing the platform from campus computers or networks. My students are
researching the platform for class this semester and since most of them
don't have university-owned laptops & they all have phones, they can do
this work from home, but I'm going to have to be mindful that they can't
access the platform from the library etc. and make accommodations if needed

Anyway, this is my "for now" plan until I can figure out how to get a
"legitimate purpose" exemption from the university, hopefully!


*Dr. Jacqueline Ryan *

Associate Professor & Graduate Director - Department of Media Arts
Director of Research -  Youth Media Lab @ UNT
University of North Texas

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