[Air-L] Routing Security Summit 2023 - Panel - The Routing Security Research Roundup

Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Thu Jul 20 04:10:00 PDT 2023

I know it's an obscure aspect of Internet research, but today's 11:30 UTC
session presents some recent research on routing security.

[image: isoc live]On *17-20 July 2023 **MANRS* <https://www.manrs.org/>
convenes the *Routing Security Summit 2023
<https://www.manrs.org/event/routing-security-summit-2023/>*. This online
event will highlight the importance of routing security and encourage
decision-makers and network operators to take real steps toward improving
the security and resilience of the global routing infrastructure, bringing
together partners from across the Internet routing ecosystem to answer your
questions about routing security and the MANRS initiative, discuss
successes with implementing routing security measures such as Resource
Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI), and share ideas on how to build awareness
about routing security among not just the technical community but the wider
Internet community.

*PROGRAMME https://www.manrs.org/event/routing-security-summit-2023/

*Mon 17 July 2023*

*10:00-11:00 UTC Tutorial – Routing Security 101*
*Massimiliano Stucchi*

*Tue 18 July 2023*
*7:00-8:00 UTC – Tutorial – How to deploy ROV*
*Massimiliano Stucch*i
*13:00-14:30 UTC Routing Security as Supply Chain Security: Threats and
*Fredrik Korsbäck*, AWS
*Matthew Davy*, Visa
*Linda Bertz*, FS-ISAC
*Antoin Verschuren*, Liberty Global
*Joe Abley*, Cloudflare
*Benjamin Broersma*, Bureau of the Netherlands Standardisation Forum
MOD: *Andrei Robachevsky*

*Wed 19 July 2023*
*7:00-8:00 UTC – Tutorial – Making the MANRS Observatory Work for You*
*Aftab Siddiqui*
*11:30-12:30 UTC – It Takes a Community: Exchanging Routing Security Best
*Anand Raje*, India Internet Foundation
*Matthias Wichtlhuber*, DE-CIX
*Peter Gitau*, Kenya IXP
MOD: *Robbie Mitchell*
*13:00-14:30 UTC The Role of CSIRTS in Routing Security*
*Alain Aina*, Digital Intelligence Services
*Barry Greene*, The Shadowserver Foundation
MOD: *Jean-Robert Hountomey*, AfricaCERT

*Thu 20 July 2023*
*11:30-12:30 UTC – The Routing Security Research Roundup*
*Romain Fontugne*, IIJ
*Khwaja Zubair Sediqi*, Max Planck Institute for Informatics
*Thomas Holterbach*, University of Strasbourg
MOD: *Amreesh Phokeer*
*13:00-14:30 UTC – ROV Research Review*
*Cecilia Testart*, Georgia Institute of Technology
*Haya Shulman*, Goethe University Frankfurt
*Taejoong (Tijay) Chung*, Virginia Tech
*13:00-14:30 UTC – Working with Governments to Progress Routing Security*
*Gerben Klein Baltink*, Dutch Internet Standards Platform
*Veronica Tan*, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore
*Doug Montgomery*, National Institute of Standards and Technology
(+ Special Guest)
MOD: *Ryan Polk*


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