[Air-L] AoIR Undergraduate Teaching Pre-Conference Workshop, Philadelphia, 18 October, 2023

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Organizers: Holly Kruse, Rogers State University and Kelly Boudreau, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

For the third year in a row – and the second year in-person – AoIR is offering the half-day (afternoon) Undergraduate Teaching Pre-conference Workshop. The workshop was first offered in 2021 by Holly Kruse (Rogers State University), Adrienne Shaw (Temple University), and Emily van der Nagel (Monash University) to address an overlooked area at AoIR conferences that is of critical importance to many AoIR members: teaching undergraduate students. Teaching is a big part of our academic lives, and in the classroom (on campus or virtual), our students’ understandings of social media and internet use don’t always align with broader press or research narratives. What do we learn from our students about the internet, how are we using the internet to teach, and what’s the best way of bringing AoIR research into our classrooms? How do we use the internet in teaching when our students don’t have broadband access, aren’t digitally-savvy, and when our institutions do not offer robust technical infrastructures or support?

This year Holly Kruse and Kelly Boudreau (Harrisburg University of Science and Technology) are co-organizing the workshop. As professors with teaching experience that encompasses various kinds of institutions, varieties of student populations, and degrees of institutional support, we understand that there are no one-size fits all solutions to teaching in ever-changing technological and social contexts. As in previous years, this year’s workshop will attend to the ways that teaching loads, expectations, terms, and more. are different in different regions of the world. For that reason the workshop will be discussion/conversation-based so we can all learn from and with one another.

This workshop will adhere to AoIR’s Statement of Principles and Statement of Inclusivity, which is a commitment to academic freedom, equality of opportunity, and human dignity. This means that in this workshop, just like in the rest of the AoIR conference, no harassment or discrimination will be permitted, and members must commit to the inclusion and recognition of all members. We appreciate the participants in this session arriving with a shared sense of purpose, community, and respect as we discuss teaching. You will be given the option of registering for the workshop (for $15, U.S.) during the conference registration process.

Holly Kruse, Ph.D.
Department of Communications
Rogers State University
holly.kruse at gmail.com (or hkruse at rsu.edu)

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