[Air-L] CSCW Workshop CfP: A Toolbox of Feminist Wonder – Theories and methods that can make a difference

Karin Hansson khansson at dsv.su.se
Mon Jul 24 09:05:14 PDT 2023

The call for paper is now open for “A Toolbox of Feminist Wonder – Theories and methods that can make a difference”, a hybrid workshop at CSCW 2023 (https://cscw.acm.org/2023/), October 15 in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

This one-day hybrid workshop builds on previous feminist CSCW workshops to explore feminist theoretical and methodological approaches in HCI. Since its inception over a decade ago, feminist HCI has progressed from the margins to mainstream HCI. While feminist approaches have grown in popularity and become mainstream, it is getting more difficult to distinguish the feminist emancipatory core from other attempts of developing and improving society in various ways. In this workshop, we therefore want to revisit our feminist roots, where theory is a liberatory and creative practice, motivated by affect, curiosity, and wonder. The goal of this workshop is to; 1) create an inventory of feminist theories and concepts that have had an impact on our work as designers, educators, researchers, and activists; 2) develop a feminist toolbox for the CSCW community to strengthen our feminist literacy.

Call for paper:
To participate, submit a 2-4 pages position paper where you suggest one or more feminist theories and methods that have been useful in your previous research. Describe the theory/method and explain how you have used them. As this is a hybrid workshop, notify if you intend to participate online or offline.
Use the templates found here: https://authors.acm.org/proceedings/production-information/taps-production-workflow
E-mail your submission to: atoolboxofwonder at gmail.com<mailto:atoolboxofwonder at gmail.com>

·     First round submission deadline: August 18, 2023 (decision notification: August 25)
·     Second round submission deadline: September 22, 2023 (decision notification: September 28)

Information: https://blogg.sh.se/a-toolbox-of-feminist-wonder/

For more information contact Karin Hansson (Karin.hansson at sh.se<mailto:Karin.hansson at sh.se>) or Adrian Petterson (a.petterson at mail.utoronto.ca<mailto:a.petterson at mail.utoronto.ca>)

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