[Air-L] Europe and the technologies of 'Others' in Amsterdam and online, March 23

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On *March 23, 8 pm* the Amsterdam Centre for European Studies (ACES) will be hosting a hybrid event on “*The geopolitics of foreign technologies: Europe and the technologies of ‘Others’*”.

Our guests that evening will be *Nina Klimburg-Witjes, Gianluigi Negro and Gertjan Hoetjes*. They will discuss how technologies are imagined in Europe and what role (foreign) technologies play in Europe’s self-image.

_Abstract_: European technology regulation is a dynamic process strongly influenced by how regulators and publics perceive developments in other regions of the world. For almost a century, western discourses on the technology of others have ranged from fascination to anxieties informing geopolitical decisions on how to deal with foreign technology markets.

The geopolitical imaginations of others’ technological abilities but also the (sovereign) spaces of their application in both ‘developing’ as well as leading technology markets has thus always shaped policy-making. Currently, dominant narratives such as China’s goal to become an AI superpower challenging the European market and data security, as well as Russia’s state-organized cyberspace activities abroad challenging political stability have led to a proliferation of images of a defenseless and outpaced West.

For details and online registration see here

https://aces.uva.nl/content/events/2023/03/the-geopolitics-of-foreign-technologies.html?origin=NY%2F9hMhAQhOv8%2FEeoPahTA <https://aces.uva.nl/content/events/2023/03/the-geopolitics-of-foreign-technologies.html?origin=NY%2F9hMhAQhOv8%2FEeoPahTA>

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