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Hey Digital Culture explorers!

Check out the recent book publication from Routledge - "TikTok Cultures in
the United States" - edited by Trevor Boffone.

This book delves into the role of TikTok in US popular culture and analyzes
the platform's growing body of subcultures. Comprising contributions from
scholars across various disciplines, the chapters in this book create novel
analytical frameworks to examine TikTok's impact within a distinct context,
exploring issues such as gender, sexuality, feminism, race and ethnicity,
and wellness. By analyzing TikTok's influence and intersecting with those
topics, the book offers valuable insights into how the platform is shaped
by users' subcultures and, in turn, shapes users' understandings of their
contemporary socio-political environment. This book can be a valuable
resource for students and scholars seeking a comprehensive and accessible
understanding of TikTok's complex role within the digital landscape.
Currently, the book is being sold with a 20% discount available (enter the
code FLE22 at checkout on
You may want to consider introducing this book to your institution and
recommending it for purchase. Unfortunately, the book is not OA, but If you
are interested in accessing a particular chapter, I would be happy to
connect you with the relevant authors (email me at:
tom.divon at mail.huji.ac.il)

*Table of content: *

Introduction: The Rise of TikTok in US Culture \ Trevor Boffone

*Section I: Race and Ethnicity on TikTok*

1. The D’Amelio Effect: TikTok, Charli D’Amelio, and the Construction of
Whiteness \ Trevor Boffone

2. Digital Blackface and the Troubling Intimacies of TikTok Dance
Challenges \ Cienna Davis

3. TikTok For Us By Us: Black Girlhood, Joy, and Self Care \ Wendyliz

4. #JewishTikTok: The JewToks’ Fight Against Antisemitism \ Tom Divon and
Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann

*Section II: Gender and Sexuality on TikTok*
5. Watching TikTok, Feeling Feminism: Intergenerational Flows of Feminist
Knowledge \ Shauna Pomerantz and Miriam Field

6. "Do you want to form an alliance with me?": Glimpses of Utopia in the
Works of Queer Women and Non-Binary Creators on TikTok \ Claudia Skinner

7. Trans TikTok: Sharing Information and Forming Community \ Elle Rochford
and Zachary Palmer

*Section III: TikTok (Sub)Cultures*
8. Hocus-Pocus: WitchTok Education for Baby Witches \ Jane Barnette

9. Wellness TikTok: Morning Routines, Eating Well, and Getting Ready to be
"That Girl" \ Katlin Marisol Sweeney-Romero

10. Hype it Up: US Latinx Theater on TikTok \ Elena Machado Sáez


TikTok Industrial Complex; or Twenty-first Century Transculturative
Creative Critical Collaboratory? \ Frederick Luis Aldama


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