[Air-L] Job Opportunity - Comparative Media Studies Postdoc at MIT

Sulafa Z sfzd888 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 09:29:22 PDT 2023

*The program in Comparative Media Studies and Writing at the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology in Cambridge (US) is seeking postdoctoral
candidates for the 2023-2024 academic year.  This appointment is especially
intended for scholars who are interested in one or more of the following:*

   - *Media Industries*
   - *Critical Internet Studies*
   - *Media and Climate*
   - *Sound studies*
   - *Media and Representation*
   - *Media Literacies*

*The successful candidate will bring competence in media studies and will
work in one or more of the program’s dimensions of comparativity
(historical, methodological, cultural), and across media forms, including
but not limited to sound/music, screen-based media such as
film/television/games, and other forms of social and computational media.*

*Each applicant must identify at least one faculty member with whom you
would like to work.  More information about the program and qualifications
can be found in the full ad here: *

*https://apply.interfolio.com/122852 <https://apply.interfolio.com/122852>*

*Thank you *

*Sulafa Zidani, Ph.D. (she/her)*
Assistant Professor
Comparative Media Studies | Writing
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
website <http://sulafazidani.com/> | twitter <https://twitter.com/sulafaz> |
email <zidani at mit.edu>

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