[Air-L] REMINDER: Join us in a new webinar series to explore the DSA together!

Tom Divon zem1987 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 00:08:56 PST 2023

Dear community members!

Intrigued by the Digital Services Act (DSA) but hesitant to delve into it
alone? Let us do it together! *We are kicking off tomorrow!*

Join us - Catalina Goanta, Associate Professor in Private Law and
Technology at Utrecht University, Taylor Annabell, Postdoctoral researcher
for the ERC-funded HUMANads project at Utrecht University, and myself, Tom
Divon, PhD researcher from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - for a
series of 3 webinars aimed at unpacking the basics of the DSA for media

Recently, regulation has garnered significant attention in media studies,
yet deciphering complex legislation remains challenging. The Digital
Services Act, a crucial piece of legislation, redefines platform liability
within the EU. Amidst the optimistic expectations about its impact, our
goal is to demystify and clarify the realities by delving into the
underlying legal standards.

What is our plan?

*Webinar 1, November 30, 16:30 CET* - Our focus is on providing a
comprehensive overview of the characteristics, goals, and framework of the
DSA and placing it in the context of prior European legal structures.

*Webinar 2, December 7, 16:00 CET* -  Our focus is on the impact of the DSA
on platform policies and terms of service, which act as a form of private
governance. We aim to analyze how the DSA influences TikTok's platform
documentation and the contractual relationship between the platform and its
European Union consumers.

*Webinar 3, December 14, 16:00 CET* - Our focus is on the specific
provisions regarding transparency and enforcement as embodied in the DSA
Transparency Database.

We warmly invite researchers from all corners of the globe to join us,
regardless of their familiarity with the law or the DSA. Let's embark on
this (short) journey of learning together!

Please sign in using this link:

**Please note that we may adjust the timeslots to better accommodate
participants from various time zones, depending on the sign-ups received.

Join us for a regulation rollercoaster!


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