[Air-L] CfP 4S/EASST Amsterdam, 16-19 July 2024 - Panel 276. Navigating the Long-Term Impact of Technological Interventions: The Role of Folgekostenabschätzung

Aal, Konstantin konstantin.aal at uni-siegen.de
Thu Nov 30 12:02:03 PST 2023

Dear colleagues,

I am inviting submissions to the open panel 276. Navigating the Long-Term Impact of Technological Interventions: The Role of Folgekostenabschätzung to be submitted to the EASST-4S 2024, which will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 16-19 July 2024.

Deadline for submission is February 12, 2024.

Panel Description:
In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, the concept of Folgekostenabschätzung – the German term for "cost estimation of consequences" or "cost estimation of follow-up expenses" – has emerged as a critical tool for assessing the long-term impacts of technological implementations. This panel will focus on understanding and applying how this perspective is relevant in socio-technical systems, where the complex interplay between technology, society and the environment requires nuanced and forward-looking approaches.

The focus of this panel is to stimulate a critical discourse on future sustainable technological solutions, emphasising the need to develop Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that have a positive impact not only on society, but also on the natural environment and its finite resources. In the context of socio-technical systems, which are inherently complex and dynamic, technological interventions can have unforeseen consequences that are difficult to anticipate. Hence, a robust Folgekostenabschätzung is indispensable.

Accepted panelists will present their ideas, experiences and perspectives on assessing the long-term costs and consequences of technology deployment. The following questions may be of interest:

  *   How can we accurately assess the potential impacts of technology on society and the environment over time?
  *   What frameworks and methodologies are effective for conducting consequential cost assessments?
  *   How can this assessment inform policy making and guide sustainable technology development?

This panel invites scholars and researchers to engage in a thought-provoking discussion. The aim is to foster a deeper understanding of how to navigate the intersection of technology, society and the environment in a thoughtful and responsible way, ensuring that our technological advances contribute to a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Session Chair: Konstantin Aal (konstantin.aal at uni-siegen.de<mailto:konstantin.aal at uni-siegen.de>)

Keywords: Sustainability, Future of technology, Folgekostenabschätzung, Technological advances

Link to the Panel: https://www.easst4s2024.net/open-panels/#14353

Submissions: If you would like to participate in this session, please submit your individual abstract of approx. 250 words and follow the instructions described here:

Link to the submission form: https://nomadit.co.uk/conference/easst-4s2024/paper-form/14353


The 2024 quadrennial joint meeting of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) and the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) invites panels, presentations, making & doing contributions, and other events that explore the role of STS in making and doing contributions to transformations in an era of grand societal challenges.

More information can be found here: https://www.easst4s2024.net/

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