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Thu Sep 28 19:04:42 PDT 2023

> "For the  purposes of such registration people must, as a rule, be
> that recordings are  being made."
That is, informed consent _is_ required for any recording/registration of
publicly observable behavior.

I am confused here. Is this particular set of guidelines suggesting that if
one is videotaping, say, a parade, with hundreds of participants and maybe
thousands of spectators, that each of the 200 people with video cameras
circulate amongst everyone else seeking informed consent?

Should this with photographic memories who take detailed mental notes and
then write an article based on their observations also seek informed

I must have misunderstood, otherwise this is just too comical. I'd
appreciate any clarification as this particulat statement of ethical
research would then be contradicted by several others that explicitly do not
require informed consent for naturalistic research.



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