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Dorine Andrews dorineandrews at telocity.com
Mon Aug 13 10:20:49 PDT 2001

As one of those "seniors" who built two successful consulting businesses
(and sold them), my adcise is to be sure that you are passionate about your
consulting focus.  Otherwise, you will never develop an approach or
product/service set that distinguishes you in the market place. Nor will
your potential customers see your commitment in your eyes!  You must have
the fortitude, persistence, courage and pure guts to learn how to sell, how
to market and how to build the business.  A consulting business is not a
field of dreams for most people --e.g., build it and they will come ---
personal marketing is critical to becoming known.  Expect 1-2 years of very
little income, especially if you are young and have not developed a network
of contacts from which to built business.  There is some very good
literature on consulting practices.  Give google a good search.

Good luck,
Dorine Andrews, DCD
Research Professor, http://georgetown.edu/faculty/dca4
Communications, Culture & Technology Program
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