[Air-l] company vs community

Frederick Turner fturner at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 19 12:04:29 PST 2001

Following David's call for new ways to think about the relationship between 
company and community, I want to recommend Tiziana Terranova's article 
"Free Labor" (from Social Text and available at:
http://www.btinternet.com/~t.terranova/freelab.html). Rather than take 
"company" and "community" as the autonomous, bounded entities they 
sometimes claim to be, Terranova treats the two as often already 
intertwined. She then looks at the distribution of paid and unpaid labor 
and processes of profiting from same in several online settings. As a 
result, she's got a nice analytical lens for looking at the mingling of 
commercial and communal activities in a variety of contexts.

Fred Turner
Lecturer in Communication
Sloan School of Management

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