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Valdis valdis at orgnet.com
Thu Dec 20 09:20:20 PST 2001

many brand/topic/interest communities are 'emergent' -- no outside organizer
forms them -- they are self-organizing.

amazon.com has many such emergent communities around their products.  the data
to map these communities is available from the buying patterns amazon tracks
makes available on each page.  a 'community of interest' around a book:

Valdis Krebs
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> Might want to read something on brand communities (organic non-commercial
> communities organized out of an interest in a particular product but having
> no association with the product manufacturer or dealer). It appears that the
> concept of "mutual benefit" and online extensions of offline social networks
> apply.
> Muniz, Jr. Albert & O'Guinn, Thomas. (March, 2001)  "Brand Community."
> Journal of consumer Research Vol.27.
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