[Air-l] American Internet Use (Was Sept 11 Internet Traffic)

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With respect to Internet Traffic thoguht some might find this related piece of 
research, out of the Pew Internet Research Group, of interest.

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Quoting Amanda Lenhart <alenhart at pewinternet.org>:

> How Americans Used the Internet
> After the Terror Attack
> Americans, including Internet users, relied mostly on TV for their news
> and 
> the phone primarily for their communication needs in the days following
> the 
> terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the
> Pentagon. 
> But for many online Americans, the Internet played a useful supplemental
> role as a communications tool  through their use of email and instant 
> messaging  and as a news source. In addition, many Internet users were
> highly active in their communities in responding to the attacks.
> The Pew Internet & American Life Project has released a report titled
> "How 
> Americans Used the Internet After the Terror Attack," detailing how 
> Americans did and did not use various forms of technology on Sept 11 and
> 12, 2001.
> In the two days after the terror attack, three quarters of all Americans
> (74%) reached out to loved ones and friends by the phone or by the 
> Internet. Some 82% of Internet users used the phone or email to make 
> contact with people they care about in the first 48 hours after the
> attacks.
> For more details, please visit 
> http://www.pewinternet.org/reports/toc.asp?Report=45 for the full text
> of 
> the report.
> -end-
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