[Air-l] on gauges and other technical standards

Rune Dalgaard runed at imv.au.dk
Wed Feb 13 09:21:19 PST 2002

You might also want to check the work being done on ICANN by Wolfgang
Kleinwächter, who has studied the issue of domain names for years. See for
example a paper recently published by the Centre for Internet Research

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>> Hello all,
>> After reading the recent discussion on railroad gauges deriving from
>> ancient standards, I am curious if anyone is doing work looking into
>> technical standards.  I'm writing my undergrad honors thesis on
>> technical Internet standards, and the need for public interest involvement in
>> the standardization process, viewing this as a subset of the "technical is
>> political" or "code is law" body of work.
>> Thanks for your help,
>> /allan

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