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Anne Marie Lim advokat77 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 2 11:25:13 PDT 2002

Dear Air-1 List Members,

Greetings from Manila!

Our organization, the Foundation for Media
Alternatives (Philippines), is doing a quick mapping
of innovative Knowledge Networking/ICT4Dev/Community
Networking projects/stories in Southeast Asia prior to
designing a regional workshop in Manila in January

Our project springs from the basic idea that Knowledge
Networking, through both traditional methods as well
as via the critical appropriation of the new ICTs,
must be examined as an important component of popular
empowerment. In particular, it also assumes that it is
in multi-stakeholder arrangements that Knowledge
Networking can be maximized as an enabler of

The project seeks to initiate a strategic discussion
on Knowledge Networking for CSOs in Asia, by providing
venues for dialogue and the exchange of ideas by CSOs
and different development stakeholders from the
Philippines and other Asian countries. The focus will
be on clarifying the key concepts, evolving a common
paradigm, and presenting working models of how
Knowledge Networking can engender development. It will
particularly examine how CSOs are engaging and
interfacing traditional information and communication
systems as well as the new ICTs.

This will be done through a regional workshop by
practitioners to be held in the Philippines, with
Asian CSO innovators and resource persons providing
additional inputs to the process. This will be
supported by a preliminary research initiative to map
existing efforts, and will be sustained via continuing
online dialogue and discussion. To be embedded in the
project will be a clear learning agenda in Knowledge
Networking that can hopefully be relevant both to
Asians and non-Asians alike.

We would really appreciate it if the List Members
could share possible leads on other ICT4Dev
initiatives in Southeast Asia (contact persons, URLs,
etc.).  Thank you and more power!

Anne Marie Lim 
Foundation for Media Alternatives

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