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Is anyone out there tracking online political/advocacy advertising?

Steven Clift
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I run the 2,400+ Democracies Online Newswire 
<http://www.e-democracy.org/do> e-list.  I am putting together a post 

on online political advertising with eye toward the 2002 U.S. 

1. What companies specialize in placing online political/advocacy 

2. Has anyone seen election 2002 related online advertising yet?

3. Targeting.  I am going to suggest that with geographic targeting, 
online advertising might be a useful tool for the following 

A. Core supporters - Find them early, get them to opt-in onto your 
e-newsletter, encourage them to volunteer, limit online fundraising 
ads within your state this round - focus on message
B. Undecideds - Determine their demographics and find sites/site 
sections that have those voters
C. Weak Constituencies - If you are weak with suburban men for 
example, advertise with specific messages in the online sports 
section of the local paper to stem leakage. 
D. National contributors - If you are a U.S. Senate candidate, use 
national media and political sites to fund raise for the "balance of 
the Senate"

What do you think?

4. E-mail Opt-in - If you look at most campaign sites, e-mail 
newsletter subscribe forms are know above the top fold of every site. 

How can advertising in e-mail newsletters or on Hotmail/Yahoo Mail be 

used to maximize the number of subscribers?
5.  Minnesota online advertising - Minnesota is my home state.  This 
is where the first online campaign ad was bought in 1998 and where I 
expect to see more of this activity with very competitive U.S. Senate 

and Governor races.  Is anyone out there an expert on the online 
content market/online use of the net by Minnesotans?

Please cc: clift at publicus.net

Steven Clift

P.S. There is a good set of banner ad examples from the 2000 election 

here: http://www.domesticpolicy.com/analysis.html
And this RNC e-mail opt-in campaign was notable:


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