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> From: Paul Rosen <pjr8 at YORK.AC.UK>
> Date: Wed Jul 03, 2002  06:18:58 PM US/Eastern
> Subject: Fwd: STSGRAD listserv
> Reply-To: Paul Rosen <pjr8 at YORK.AC.UK>
>> This is a new listserv for people interested in ''Science, Technology 
>> and
> Society''
> >Topics include: social influences on science and technology; risk;
> governance of science; public understanding of science, etc...
>> The listserv develops a forum for concerns among junior STS scholars 
>> and
> publicizes information about jobs, fellowships, conferences, edited
> volumes, and journals in the field.
>> See below for more information, and on how to subscribe.
>> The listserv, STSGRAD-L, is intended to faciliate the formation of an
> international network of young scholars (eg., graduate students, 
> postdocs,
> junior scholars) who are interested in the field of Science and 
> Technology
> Studies. This listserv will have three purposes: 1) to circulate
> information about upcoming conferences, opportunities to present or 
> publish
> papers, and job postings; 2) help establish linkages among scholars with
> similar theoretical and empirical interests; and 3) provide a forum to
>> generate broad discussion about issues important to young scholars 
>> across
> the world engaged with the field of Science and Technology Studies.
>> There are a couple of things I'd like you all to keep in mind with 
>> regard
> to the listserv. First, if you have any friends or colleagues who might 
> be
> interested in subscribing, please forward them this message and 
> information
> about subscribing to the list. This network is not intended to be
> restrictive to any particular organization, institution, or theoretical
> perspective. The more the merrier! Second, this listserv is intended to 
> be
> a collective effort. If you see any interesting job or conference 
> postings,
> opportunities for publication or presention, or are seeking expertise 
> in a
>> particular area, please take advantage of this great resource. If we 
>> all
> take some responsibility in maintaining this list, I think it can be 
> really
> important and valuable to all of us.
>> Send a message to listproc at cornell.edu. In the text of the message, 
>> write:
>> subscribe STSGRAD-L First Name Last Name.
>> If you want to send messages to the list, you send them to
>> STSGRAD-L at cornell.edu.
jeremy hunsinger
jhuns at vt.edu
on the ibook

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