[Air-l] list of lists ...

david silver dsilver at u.washington.edu
Sun Jul 7 15:13:16 PDT 2002


after much work and anticipation, we are excited to announce the launch of
the "list of lists" web site.  the site is a modest attempt to find and
collect listservs and mailing lists devoted to internet research.  we
haven't found them all but it's a start.  enjoy:


(this project was built with the support of the association for internet
researchers.  much of the content was generated collaboratively and we
wish to thank the many contributions from the following air-l list
members: Danah Boyd, Jeremy Crampton, Max Doelling, Hans Klein, Joan
Korenman, Randy Kluver, Michel Menou, Jason Rutter, Lois Ann Scheidt, and
Nancy White.)

Matt Allen
Ulla Bunz
Jeremy Hunsinger
David Silver

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