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Could you send me a reprint of your review on web based software packages. I
was particularly interested in the SPSS mrInterview, last year it was still
in beta testing. 
Thank you

Arun Vishwanath, PhD

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I recently wrote a review of three software packages.  The packages were
chosen to represent three "kinds" of web survey systems.  The three
included Perseus SurveySolutions for the Web 4.0, zTelligence 2.0, and SPSS
mrInterview.  The review is in press... due to be released in the August
2002 edition of Field Methods.  Full citation as follows:

Crawford, S. (2002) "Evaluation of Web Survey Data Collection Systems."
Field Methods. Vol. 14, No. 3.  August.  pp. 349-363.

If you are interested, let me know and I'd be glad to send you a reprint
when you get them.

But in summary... there are a lot of low cost web survey systems out there.
However, the adage "You get what you pay for." definitely applies in this
area.  And that is enhanced by the fact that the more it costs, the more
complex/robust/capable the system is... which means the support costs (in
internet infrastructure and people) greatly increase.  Organizations that
committ to maintaining a high quality web survey system with the proper
infrastructure to support it shell out over $100k annually to do so.

Because of this cost, another alternative (outsourcing), becomes very
attractive for those who need to do web surveys to high academic standards,
but don't have the volume to justify such an infrastructure.


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A few months ago, there was some discussion about online
regarding methodology and design.  My question is more practical--can
recommend software to design a web-displayed survey that will easily
data into a backend database? I've looked at SPSS Data Entry (TM), but
like to receive recommendations from others who have completed web-.

surveys and are pleased with the software they have worked with.


Lon Berquist
Telecommunications and Information Policy Institute
The University of Texas at Austin

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