[Air-l] Reply to some asking questions about the SEARCH FOR PARTNERS

Paolo Manzelli lre at unifi.it
Wed Jul 17 06:37:59 PDT 2002

Reply to some  asking questions about  the SEARCH FOR PARTNERS
of Project : SKILL SHORTAGE @LIS for KM net-learning in a cultural
diversity scenario:
see: http://www.edscuola.com/archivio/lre/alis/index.htm

> Question  1.)
> *       what research aspects you wish to tackle in the international
> Demonstration project between EU and South American countries?

Re : 1.) Paolo Manzelli <LRE at UNIFI.IT>

 the key action plan SKILL SHORTAGE @LIS improving the economic
knowledge driven society it is the following :

a) Knowledge Management innovation of SME's on innovation in science &
b) Knowledge Management innovation of SME's on food quality & safety
c) Knowledge Management innovation of SME's  on bridging gap of "digital

c) Knowledge Management innovation of SME's  on "eco-economic"

The main goal of the above action plan id devoted to a new understanding
of Knowledge Management Organization of SME's diminishing the
uncertainty  and insecurity of the market  globalization by means
improving "knowledge sharing" among University and SME's networks and
through growing up the internationalization of the market transparency
by means an extension  of ITC work-space.  A second important objective
is to given a strong effort to increase positively the relationship
between intellectual employment and SME's internationalization growth
though an net-learning  strategy finalized for co-ordinating SME's
competencies and University research advanced knowledge.

Question  2.)

> *       How would you see an international incubator facility between
> SMEs and Universities has a concrete added value in real life
> transactions?

Re : 2.) PM

The Skill Shortage @LIS action plan would like to develop through a
Co-operative Virtual e.Editor ( see for instance a model in  :
http://www.see.it/blues/) to contribute to an new emerging conception of
"e.work organization" for developing a "Glocalized" economic development
among European and Latin
American Countries .

As well as a forecast result,  the pilot project SKILL SHORTAGE, (
before the end of the financial aid of EU) ,  will give a demonstration
on the implication of societal change in "e.work international
organization  of KM " on education and training in lifelong and
vocational learning for SME's special needs and associated business

> Question  3.)

> *       What kind of IT solutions do you have in mind (web based
> eLearning and KM platform to be build and tested in practice)?

Re : 3.) PM

The project @LIS asks to use fre-software and we search for partners
very advanced in the utilization of such kind of software for
net-learning platforms useful for improving an "e.learning on demand".
Some partners that until now sent  to the LRE/EGO-CreaNET the letter of
intent get some good solutions about this problem bu we are open to the
best solution in agreement with the all partnership consortium.

Question  4.)

> *       How would this service after the end of EU financing become
> sustaining (business model)?

Re : 4.) PM

For reply to a business model for the sustainability nowadays it is to
early because this will be a result of the partnership consortium
agreement , in spite of this I think about a kind of KNOW-HOW that will
be developed in "International Franchising" for assume an  economical
auto- sustainability .
At moment this solution can be only an workable idea.

> I am very grateful for your concrete  and useful questions and I
apologize for the limiting of my
> reply because the proposal now  it is in progress .

You can follow the progress of the BID in :

I any case I remain at your disposal for further contacts.

   Director of LRE  // EGO-CreaNET

    PAOLO MANZELLI <LRE at unifi.it>

  Education Research Laboratory / EGO-CreaNET
  Via Maragliano 77 -50144 - Firenze - Italia

   Tel//Fax.:+39/055/332549 ; handy GSM ;+39//335/6760004

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