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Wed Jul 24 11:33:59 PDT 2002

E-Democracy Links, UK Government E-Democracy Report and more ...

Over the last year, governments around the world have started to 
explore "e-democracy" policies and applications that complement their 

initial focus on e-government services.  This is an important trend 
to follow and requires civic activity from the local level on up 
around the world. Below are some key resources to help you explore 
e-democracy-related issues.

1. New E-Democracy Links Flyer

A simple two-page flyer with links to the top "E-Democracy Resources" 

is now available in HTML, PDF, or Word format.  The flyer may be 
redistributed in print at conferences and other events.  Access the 
flyer at:

2. UK Government Releases Major E-Democracy Paper, Host Online 

The UK national government recently released a major paper on 
e-democracy titled, "In the service of democracy."  This is the major 

e-democracy event of the year and will likely spawn similar policy 
development and e-democracy projects in other nations.

To access the report and online consultation options, see:
To download their full 61 page, 1MB document in PDF, see:

3. Democracies Online Newswire - E-mail Announcement List

Now with 2500 members, DO-WIRE is the place for primary source 
announcements related to democracy, politics, government and 
information and communications technologies.  Since 1998 this 
moderated e-list has focused on the use of ICTs in governance and 
community (not on the politics or regulation of technology). 
To subscribe (no more than seven messages a week) to this free public 

service, visit:
See the sample subject lines below.

4. Other recent articles/resources from Steven Clift - 

Online Consultations and Events - Top Ten Tips for Government and 
Civic Hosts

The Future of E-Democracy - The 50 Year Plan 

Democracies Online Message Archive
... including, additional UK e-democracy policy links
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Please keep me informed of e-democracy-related happenings in your 
community and nation so I can continue to pass on the good word to 
those around the world working to make a difference with ICTs in 
everyday politics and democracy.  Send your DO-WIRE submissions to:  
clift at publicus.net

Steven Clift
Democracies Online

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