[Air-l] old stats on internet use

William Stewart billstew at livinginternet.com
Fri Jul 5 10:03:24 PDT 2002

The following page has links to several historical statistics sites with web stats from the mid 90's:

Also Internet stats:
and Usenet stats:


At 10:15 AM 7/5/02 +1000, Carolyn Penfold wrote:
>Hi All,
>I'm trying to get some info re the state of the internet in around 1995.
>For example What proportion of US homes / businesses etc had access then,
>or even broader like how many connections there were in the USA. Also
>figures for things like what percentage of web material at that stage was
>provided by US. Also, any such figures for Australia would be useful. If
>anyone knows the  figures, or could point me in the right direction I'd be
>most grateful.
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