[Air-l] Re: Great Ethical disasters in Internet Research?

Ben Anderson benander at essex.ac.uk
Mon Jul 22 03:33:50 PDT 2002

> Since Yvonne brought this up, I thought I'd ask again.  Does anybody know
of any studies that used random
>sampling to recruit respondents but were not only survey-based, rather,
included a more in-depth component
>such as interviewing or observation.

I ran a household panel study in the UK from 1998-2001 which did this. We
recruited by random selection (well, post-code based random selection as the
initial recruitment interviews were face-to-face CAPI). Once we had our
sample of c 2500 individuals and the survey data we then selected a subset
for in-depth qualitative interview. That subset were not randomly selected
however - they were selected to give as broad a spread of IT ownership and
social context as possible. We then followed the 2500 for 2 further years of
data colelction (quant and qual)

You can read about this research project here:

in Lacohee H and Anderson B: 'Interacting with the telephone', in Kraut R
and Monk A (Eds), Special Issue of the International Journal of
Human-Computer Studies on: 'Home Use of Information and Communications
Technology', 54, No 5, pp 665-699 (May 2001)

and in American Behavioral Scientist November 2001, volume 45, issue 3

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