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Dear All,

The 8th issue of the online journal FQS -- "Using Technology in the
Qualitative Research Process" -- is now available at

In addition to the articles, linked directly to the topic, you will also
find selected single contributions, review essays and review notes. 

Enjoy reading, and we are looking forward to your response: all kinds of
critique, comments, suggestions and support are warmly welcomed!
Katja Mruck


Edited by Graham R. Gibbs, Susanne Friese & Wilma C. Mangabeira

The following contributions are available online:
F Full text, A Abstract
E English, F French, G German, S Spanish

Graham R. Gibbs, Susanne Friese & Wilma C. Mangabeira: The Use of New
Technology in Qualitative Research. Introduction to Issue 3(2) of FQS
(FE, AG, AS) [The German full text will be available in June]

Roberta Bampton & Christopher J. Cowton (UK): The E-Interview (FE, AG,

Sharon A. Bong (UK): Debunking Myths in Qualitative Data Analysis (FE,

Sylvain Bourdon (Canada): The Integration of Qualitative Data Analysis
Software in Research Strategies: Resistances and Possibilities (FE, AG,

David Brown (UK): Going Digital and Staying Qualitative: Some
Alternative Strategies for Digitizing the Qualitative Research Process
(FE, AG, AS)

Patrick Carmichael (UK): Extensible Markup Language and Qualitative Data
Analysis (AE, AG, AS) [The English full text will be available in June]

Diógenes Carvajal (Columbia): The Artisan's Tools. Critical Issues when
Teaching and Learning CAQDAS (FE, FS, AG)

Bibi Holge-Hazelton (Denmark): The Internet: A New Field for Qualitative
Inquiry? (FE, AG, AS)

Thomas Irion (Germany): Collection, Presentation and Analysis of
Multimedia Data with Computers (FG, AE, AS)

Anne Marie Kanstrup (Denmark): Picture the Practice-Using Photography to
Explore Use of Technology Within Teachers' Work Practices (FE, AG, AS)

Sabine C. Koch & Joerg Zumbach (Germany): The Use of Video Analysis
Software in Behavior Observation Research: Interaction Patterns in
Task-oriented Small Groups (FE, AG, AS)

Marc Koerschen, Jessica Pohl, H. Walter Schmitz & Olaf A. Schulte
(Germany): New Techniques in Qualitative Conversation Analysis:
Computer-based Transcription of Videoconferences (FG, AE, AS)

Thorsten Meyer, Harald Gruppe & Michael Franz (Germany): Microsoft
Access for the Analysis of Open-ended Responses in Questionnaires and
Interviews (FG, AE, AS)

Connie M. Moss & Gary Shank (USA): Using Qualitative Processes in
Computer Technology Research on Online Learning: Lessons in Change from
"Teaching as Intentional Learning" (FE, AG, AS)

Bruno Nideroest (Switzerland): Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis
with Word (FG, AE, AS)

Kathryn A. Roberts & Richard W. Wilson (UK): ICT and the Research
Process: Issues Around the Compatibility of Technology With Qualitative
Data Analysis (FE, AG, AS)

Cory Secrist, Ilse de Koeyer, Holly Bell, & Alan Fogel (USA): Combining
Digital Video Technology and Narrative Methods for Understanding Infant
Development (FE, FS, AG)

Robert Thompson (Australia): Reporting the Results of Computer-assisted
Analysis of Qualitative Research Data (FE, AG, AS)

Elaine Welsh (UK): Dealing with Data: Using NVivo in the Qualitative
Data Analysis Process (FE, AG, AS)

Josef Zelger & Andreas Oberprantacher (Austria): Processing of Verbal
Data and Knowledge Representation by GABEK®-WinRelan® (AE, AG, AS) [The
English full text will be available in June]


Ronald Hitzler (Germany): The Reconstruction of Meaning. The State of
the Art in German Interpretive Sociology (FG, AE, AS) [pre-published:
April 2002]

Guenter Mey: Editorial Note: 2 Years FQS Review: 18 Publishers, 74
Reviews, 3383 Mails (FG, AE, AS)

Volker Barth (France, Germany): Society as a Dialectical Process -
Victor Turner in Between Ndembu and Bob Dylan (FG, AE, AF, AS)
[pre-published: Febr. 2002]

Jaan Valsiner (USA): Ethnography Lost and Found: Qualitative Methodology
Between Science, Art, and Social Powers (FE, AG, AS) [pre-published:
Febr. 2002]


David Howarth (2000). Discourse
reviewed by John Cromby (UK) (FE, AG, AS) [pre-published: April 2002]

Stefan Beck (Ed.) (2000). Technogene Naehe. Ethnographische Studien zur
Mediennutzung im Alltag [Technogenetic Closeness. Ethnographic Studies
on the Use of New Media in Everyday Life]
reviewed by Nicola Doering (Germany) (FG, AE, AS) [pre-published: March

Dorothée Ninck Gbeassor, Heidi Schaer Sall, David Signer, Daniel Stutz &
Elena Wertli (1999). Ueberlebenskunst in Uebergangswelten:
ethnopsychologische Betreuung von Asylsuchenden [The Art of Surviving in
Transitional Worlds: Counselling for the Asylum Seekers]
reviewed by Victoria Hegner (Germany) (FG, AE, AS) [pre-published: Febr.

Michael Beisswenger (Ed.) (2001). Chat-Kommunikation. Sprache,
Interaktion und Sozialitaet in synchroner computervermittelter
Kommunikation. Perspektiven auf ein interdisziplinaeres Forschungsfeld
[Chat Communication. Language, Interaction, and Sociality in Computer
Mediated Communication. Perspectives on an interdisciplinary research
reviewed by Matthias Petzold (Germany) (FG, AE, AS) [pre-published:
March 2002]

Thomas Bruesemeister (2000). Qualitative Forschung. Ein Ueberblick
[Qualitative Research: An Overview]
reviewed by Martin Spetsmann-Kunkel (Germany) (FG, AE, AS)
[pre-published: March 2002]


"Current research on pedagogy in higher education, especially in the
education programs":


-> During September 19-21, 2002, the Swiss Sociological Association,
Research Committee "Interpretive Sociology" and the European
Sociological Association ESA, Research Network "Qualitative Methods"
with participation of the RN "Sociology of Arts" are organizing a
Conference on "Ethnographic Organizational Studies". Location:
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland; Conference Language: English. 
Information about the conference: 

-> The Center for Qualitative Psychology is organizing a workshop
entitled: "Qualitative Psychology: Research questions and matching
methods of analysis." The conference will be held in English during
October 25-27, 2002, in Perlora, Spain. 
Information about the workshop:

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