[Air-l] Fwd: Convergence: Call for Papers on Digital Cinema

Wendy Robinson wgrobin at duke.edu
Wed Jun 19 10:15:31 PDT 2002

Submission deadline is nearly a year away.

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>Subject: call for papers
>From: Convergence <convergence at luton.ac.uk>
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>Dear Colleague,
>Please find below a call for papers for a special issue, to be edited by
>Professor Geoffrey Nowell-Smith:
>Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
>Special Issue on Digital Cinema: What¹s the Difference?
>For Volume 9 Number 4 (Winter 2003) Convergence is planning a special issue
>Digital Cinema: What¹s the Difference?
>- Is digital cinema in fact cinema or is it a kind of HDTV adapted for
>exhibition in movie-theatres?
>- Or is it just cinema as before but using digital support in place of
>celluloid and with added special effects?
>- Or is it a complete revolution in cinema, cutting the last links between
>cinema and the photograph as imprints of reality?
>- Or is it a means by which reality can be brought closer to the film
>spectator thanks to flexible and easily used technology?
>Contributions are invited on any aspect of digital cinema ­ technology,
>economics, cultural or aesthetic implications ­ or on any phase of the
>process from production though post-production to distribution and
>Submission deadline for this issue is: 30 April 2003
>Proposals for articles or completed papers should be sent to Professor
>Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, Department of Media Arts, University of Luton, 75
>Castle Street, Luton, LU1 3AJ, United Kingdom, E-mail: Geoffrey Nowell-Smith

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