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As I understand it, the tradition in the US is that it's a master of arts if
it requires a foreign language competence, otherwise it's a master of
science.  That seems somewhat arbitrary, and I may be wrong.  But that's the
way the distinction has been described to me.
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Dear Members:
I dare to ask something on the margins of this list.
We at our university have to invent Master Programs that are internationally
comparable. That means here in Austria we are moving from national to
international systems and naming.
Due to a lack of tradition we struggle with the meaning of MA and MSc
programs. We cannot distinguish precisely what makes up the one or the
other. Our field is that of New Media, Telematics, Knowledge Management -
thus more on the production and management side. We found several programs
out there that cover more or less similar contents and courses but are named
MA or MSc without any comprehensible reason. Some colleagues are opting for
MSc as the default label for our programs but I'm not so sure about that.

Thanks for listening

Thomas N. Burg,

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