[Air-l] The Dire State of the AoIR List

Ben Davidson bendavidson at totalise.co.uk
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This makes me think of some of the material in a paper by Haim Weinberg,
entitled: "Community Unconscious on the Internet":

In this paper from the March 2002 issue of Group Analysis, Haim Weinberg,
Israeli group psychotherapist and Internet researcher describes some key
phenomena in the dynamics of large groups on the Internet, underlining their
deviation from the norm in non-virtual large groups. The paper features as a
case study extensive exploration of 'the Unconscious' of a discussion list
on the Internet, in order to better understand some of the processes of
Internet communities.The transference of the list members towards the
moderator and the list as a whole is examined together with the counter
transference of the moderator. The claim is made that denial of the
boundary-less environment, and formation of sub-groupings, create an
illusion of safety, allowing members to assuage their anxiety through
constructing a small group type experience, despite the fact there may be
many huindreds of people participating.


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> Hi
> I agree with David Neices' comments on the increasing amount of irrelevant
> information and personal mails on this list. It has been very useful and
> still sometimes is, but it would be much better without all the 'by the
> comments, you usually discuss in a lunch room or other small circles - I
> wonder whether people realize that this list reaches many hundreds of
> if not more? I strongly support that we try to follow David's suggestions.
> Cheers,
> Rune
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