[Air-l] The Dire State of the AoIR List

Ben Davidson bendavidson at totalise.co.uk
Thu Mar 7 17:10:15 PST 2002

I guess having rules about what can and what can't be said, and about how
long listmembers are allowed to take to say it, is at some level a way of
assuaging anxiety at the prospect of just being amongst all the hundreds of
people here, being suffocated, taken over by you all...

Quite so.  They're required.  I shall prepare a set in the morning.  In the
meantime, you will please keep the noise down as I need to sleep.

Especially Lachlan.

Thank you.


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> > Hi
> >
> > I agree with David Neices' comments on the increasing amount of
> > information and personal mails on this list. It has been very useful and
> > still sometimes is, but it would be much better without all the 'by the
> way'
> > comments, you usually discuss in a lunch room or other small circles - I
> > wonder whether people realize that this list reaches many hundreds of
> people
> > if not more? I strongly support that we try to follow David's
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Rune

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