[Air-l] The Ideal State of the AoIR List

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Thu Mar 7 20:41:48 PST 2002

the list reaches just over 1000 addresses.  However, I think it is 
precisely the 'by the way' comments and small circles of activity that 
really fosters the research community here.  This is a discussion list. 
These small circles and comments to each other tend to be one of the 
main areas that people interact here, without that we would become more 
of an announcement list and that would be a loss.

That said, I think people have to take responsibility for their actions 
and the methods they use to post things.  I'd prefer people not to use 
html or mime encoding, and if they need help learning how to do that,  
instruction can probably be arranged through many of the list users who 
have that knowledge.    I label this a positive action, whereas rules or 
moderation to limit peoples action would be a negative action.  I think 
that if you want things to change you probably should seek out ways of 
becoming positively involved in the list, not negative ways of limiting 
others.  people can lead by setting an example for others in manner of 
their participation.  if someone posts something in a way you don't like 
and if you have the time, you could write them instructions as to how 
and why they should do it differently.

we have managed to do some things with the list, we've cut down the 
frequent reposting of the digests, we've cut back on really large 
postings, we've stopped external spam, but I don't think there is much 
more that we should do with the software, other than to allow those 
people who have vision and  apply themselves in aoir and on aoir lists 
and as such set the tone for the list in the future.

jeremy hunsinger
jhuns at vt.edu
on the ibook

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