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The Internet and the Large Group

This addresses 2. and 3. to an extent.  It includes a case study discourse around a professional issue of interest to an online community of health professionals, which offered tangible benefits in terms of dissemination of best practice, and it looks at interpersonal dynamics in online groups in some detail.

Interpersonal dynamics are also addressed extensively in this paper:
Community Unconscious on the Internet

and here:
Technological Possibilities in a New Age


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  I am working on a paper looking at some aspects of online behavior. Does anyone have leads in terms of papers, books, articles etc. for me in the following areas: 

  1. Online group problem solving 

  2. Interpersonal dynamics in online groups 

  3. Cases of online community building that provided tangible results in the respective communities. 

  Thanks  in advance and I look forward to hearing you all. 

  Girija Kaimal 

  Harvard Graduate School of Education

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