[Air-l] >Anyone care to lessen my confusion?

ahsmith1 at prodigy.net ahsmith1 at prodigy.net
Fri Mar 15 07:33:11 PST 2002

Very interesting comments.  Perhaps you can describe some of your research briefly, or indicate where it can be found?  (I
prefer to take my interventions along with a dose of knowledge about the domain assumptions of the intervention agent.)

I ask only because I went to the Goldsmiths College web site to view your research interests, but there is no faculty/staff
reference to you in the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies nor the Centre for Cultural Studies.


Lachlan Brown wrote:

>  >Anyone care to lessen my confusion?
>    I have considerable experience in the field.
>   Lachlan Brown
>   Cultural Studies
>   Golsmiths College
>   University of London
>   Thirdnet, Toronto
>   (416) 826 6937
>   (416) 822 1123
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