[Air-l] re: Lachlan's CV (or stepping OVER the line)

Ewa Callahan ecallaha at indiana.edu
Sat Mar 16 13:23:25 PST 2002

One thing we can do as a community is to ignore indviduals
who post messages which do not comply with the list guidelines. The
inappropriate/offensive threads live usually as long us the inital message
gets responce.

I am also for new guidelines for posting. The trafic on the list is quite
heavy, and deleting messages, which look like they wondered here from some
other list is quite tiring. 

Ewa Callahan

On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Nancy Baym wrote:

> Mary Gray writes:
> >I'd like to ask the AIR members and
> >leadership to rethink/reconsider our stand on guidelines for posting to this
> >list

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