[air-l] busy as bees

Lachlan Brown lachlan at london.com
Mon Mar 18 10:58:35 PST 2002

Well, my word, things are buzzing arn't they?

I see my 'provocation' which I was quick to point out to Mary was an inappropriate term
in this necessary work - I prefer 'tease out', 'excite', even 'demand' where necessary,
 reaction and response to some very necessary 
questions - has had some effect.
You've all been busy talking among yourselves
and forming groups. Great ideas. Carry on. I'll take a look at what you've come up with
 and get back to you.

Susan? I think one of the lads has been playing a little trick? You know who you are.

I see one member asked whether there were 
other lists like AoIR. No, Jason there are not. Jeremy, you seem to have taken on the 
role of 'bouncer' in this setting, could 
you lock the door to make sure that no-one escapes? But please at the same
time prepare to admit new members. There
may be a few coming along shortly.

I've been in touch with some friends about
developing an 8 credit course along
transition education and community education
lines for those among you unfamiliar with
the history, development and contemporary 
direction of the subjects of cultural studies.

I'll let you all know how this goes.


Lachlan Brown
Cultural Studies
Goldsmiths College

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