[Air-l] Now, that's enough of that.

Lachlan Brown lachlan at london.com
Mon Mar 18 11:13:13 PST 2002

>Lachlan Brown is a troll. 

Hmmm... I prefer 'Othered Proletarian' 
myself, but I suppose its all a question 
of which is the meta-dscourse here: the 
discourse of 'self-regulation' applied to 
the running of Internet and of the 
Information Technology sector
in education and in world of commercial
Intenret services, or whether the cultural 
and social implications of these practices, taking into account their impacts


Susan! Are you the Susan who intervened earlier? I would, for the folkoric 
implications of the term, be interested in reading your paper, please forward a copy 
to me.

Have you drawn a nasty little picture of me 
in your head?




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