[Air-l] hmm, thinking about internet stories

radhika gajjala radhika at cyberdiva.org
Fri Mar 22 04:43:54 PST 2002

Jeremy - this is actually more along the lines of what I'm looking for too -
thankyou for articulating it :). In such an cross-disciplinary and
cross-theoretical forum as this we may get some very interesting stories indeed.

Thanks to everyone else who posted relevant cites - I know some of those but
not all. 


At 08:00 PM 3/21/02 -0500, you wrote:
>being somewhat of an interpretivist( at times), i was sitting here last 
>night considering the net.legends faq 
>http://www.killfile.org/~tskirvin/faqs/legends.html and what it meant 
>for the wider community of usenet, and then i thought about the tropes 
>and narratives that so many of us use to illustrate our points, so I 
>thought I'd open up the discussion a bit.  What do you use to illustrate 
>your conceptualizations of the Net, some of us use classic examples like 
>muds and moos, I tend to use Irc and web stories gained from my 
>experiences, but have used the more acceptedly historical examples from 
>time to time, but what do you use?   what stories make sense of the 
>internet for you?  if any?  do you have any really good stories, I 
>participate in the community memory list about the history of the 
>internet at least as lurker, to find some of these stories, but surely 
>there is a broader set or are we already tending toward a set of 
>canonical stories?  opinions?  insights?  share your stories:)
>jeremy hunsinger
>jhuns at vt.edu
>on the ibook
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