[Air-l] Re: ethnic spamming

Alex Kuskis akuskis at ican.net
Mon Mar 25 15:14:32 PST 2002

Unfortunately, Valdis, ethnic name differentiation isn't always that easy.
My name, like yours, is Latvian. But ethnic Greeks sometimes think my
name is Greek, and occasionally I receive mail and telephone solicitations
for trips to Greece, and that sort of thing. But, I haven't yet experienced
ethnically-targeted spam, from Greeks or Latvians. But, I'm sure that it
will happen, sooner or later.......Alex Kuskis
alex.kuskis at utoronto.ca

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> Yes, I have also receive regular Korean & Chinese spam that I cannot read.
> Once you get a on list...
> When I start receiving SPAM written in Latvian, I will know that someone
> perfected a 'ethnic finder'.  This may not be that hard to do -- just look
> first names that are common only in that language.  I'm sure someone Perl
> expert could even write code to differentiate between nationalities with
> similar spellings... i.e. Valdis[Latvian --> send SPAM about Riga based
> business], Valdas[Lithuanian --> send SPAM about Vilnius based business].
> Valdis Krebs
> http://www.orgnet.com

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