[Air-l] salon identity article

Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Tue Mar 5 08:30:17 PST 2002

Salon has an interesting article that those of you interested in 
identity in the age of the internet will want to read. It might also 
make for good course reading in the vein of Julian Dibell's article 
about the Lambda Moo rape and the much-told story of Julie the 
gender-switching psychiatrist, although this identity play is much 

The most feared woman on the Internet
By Katharine Mieszkowski

Netochka Nezvanova is a software programmer, radical artist and 
online troublemaker. But is she for real?

March 1, 2002  |  For someone who does not exist -- at least the way 
you or I do -- Netochka Nezvanova has a fearsome reputation. She's a 
gifted computer programmer and polemicist, an artist and a 
pain-in-the-ass, a critic of capitalism and fascism, as well as a 
capitalist and a marketer....


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