[Air-l] Re: something totally different

Bram Dov Abramson bda at bazu.org
Tue Mar 5 19:37:05 PST 2002

burg at donau-uni.ac.at:
>I dare to ask something on the margins of this list.
>We at our university have to invent Master Programs that are 
>internationally comparable. That means here in Austria we are moving 
>from national to international systems and naming.
>Due to a lack of tradition we struggle with the meaning of MA and 
>MSc programs.

Hurray for margins!  I dare to ask a question, too.  What makes MA 
and MSc naming more international than, say, Magister?  A Mastère 
more international than a DEA?  Where, one wonders, did it all start 
... ?


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