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Thanks to all of your for responding,
it really helps digging and finding the way through this jungle
of meanings, traditions and idiosyncrasies.

I posted this question in another forum,
the inhabitants of this community came up with the following 

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To sum up the discussion for me briefly. The distinction of MA vs. MSc is based on several aspects.
 - If the program has a research focus than it's likely to be a MSc if it's not in the classical Arts fields like Language, Art and other Humanities
 - If the program is located at a Professional School such as Law, Medicine, Nursing ... than it contrasts to Liberal Arts Colleges and Sciences.
 - The amount of courses that account for either Arts or hard sciences (Maths, Physics, Chemistry ...) determine if the whole program is either or.
 - If you can't make it to a PhD you better apply for an MSc
 - The tradition/culture and whatever of an institution determine about the naming
 - There is no precise algorithm that is able to decide on the issue.

I tried to get the 2 Computer Science Bachelors from Rutger (referring to a specific post) in one picture (see atachment) to see the differnces - there are some but few.

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