[Air-l] The Dire State of the AoIR List

robert m. tynes rtynes at u.washington.edu
Thu Mar 7 09:59:23 PST 2002

Dear all,

I tend think of noise as very useful public information, and would be very
leery of any rule-making, such as proposed by David Neice. Although I have
found some of the *brain farts* annoying at times, I don't believe in banning
them, or even castigating them. After all, social groups tend to
self-regulate quite well, even when there are no codified rules. An
example of this would be THIS CONVERSATION.

So AOIR is boring? Well, say something intriguing.

Anyway, I vote for no more rule-making.

-Robert Tynes

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, David Neice wrote:

> Hi,
> In the space of a year the AoIR list has gone from being mildly
> interesting to being almost unreadable. I am not the only one who
> is noticing the deterioration.
> In the interests of communication I suggest we:
> 1) Learn to use our email options and preferences. If an Internet
> researcher used the AoIR list as an unobtrusive indicator of the
> 'technical knowledge' of Internet researchers, their conclusions
> would be dire.
> 2) Refrain from posting HTML, Word .doc (and other word
> processor) files as well as MIME files. JUST PLAIN ASCII
> PLEASE. ASCII file convertors are available for most word
> processors. Also please check the options list re ASCII in your
> email program.
> 3) Limit the recent trend towards posting 'brain farts',  personal
> attacks, and comments intended for one other person. THIS IS A
> PUBLIC INFORMATION LIST. Please email personal comments
> one-to-one.
> 4) Actually think about what we post, and, in particular, assess
> how useful will it be to a wide range of list members. Idiosyncratic
> commentary and unedited streams of consciousness are pushing
> the noise-to-signal ratio way up.
> Cheers,
> david neice
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