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(the 29th of May 2002) - Until now, online research had a significant
disadvantage: in most cases, it just publishes a questionnaire on the
Internet, therefore lacking personal impetus when contacting and
questioning interviewees. This results in high drop-out-rates too often.
Neither a high number of interviews nor the use of online panels with
questionable reward-systems can cover the resulting considerable lack of
data quality. 
Consequently, I have developed a new method of multi-channel marketing
and opinion research that I named CAPOI (computer aided personal online
CAPOI is a questioning led via telephone or text-/voice-chat, and the
internet/browser. As a further development of the idea of web-sharing,
CAPOI allows the interviewer to flexibly show questions or presentation
material of his/her electronic questionnaire to the interviewee via
internet browser. Thus, the advantages of online questionnaires and
personal questioning can be combined as required. Furthermore, CAPOI
offers interesting possibilities in marketing and customer relationship
CAPOI is especially interesting as a method that replaces paper and
pencil or CAPI questionings in business to business research, saving a
lot of money because traveling is not necessary anymore. CATI (computer
aided telephone interview)-questionings can be enriched and online
surveys gain a lot through personal rapport.

I have developed a ready-to-use online dialogue system [2ai.de
INTERACTION] to be able to conduct CAPOI. 
Further information can be found on my homepage http://www.2ai.de.
<http://www.2ai.de>  I am looking for interested research companies and
science people interested in further exploring the method. 
Best regards, 
Lars Ludwig

Diplom-Psychologe Lars Ludwig
Decksteiner Strasse 2
50935 Cologne
- Germany - 

+49 (221) 420 87-38 Telephone 
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