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New Book Reviews in Cyberculture Studies (June 2002)

Each month, the Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (RCCS)
<http://www.com.washington.edu/rccs> publishes two or three full-length
book reviews. The reviews reflect a modest attempt to locate critically
various contours of the emerging and interdisciplinary field of
cyberculture studies.

RCCS's book reviews section now includes full-length reviews of over 130
books on cyberculture, the Internet, and technoculture.  New reviews for
June 2002 (found at http://www.com.washington.edu/rccs/books/) include:

Anne Wells Branscomb, Who Owns Information? From Privacy to Public Access.
Basic Books, 1994. Reviewed by Benjamin Bates.

Marie-Laure Ryan, editor, Cyberspace Textuality: Computer Technology &
Literary Theory. Indiana University Press, 1999. Reviewed by Sara Jenkins.

Barbara Warnick, Critical Literacy in a Digital Era: Technology, Rhetoric,
and the Public Interest. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002. Reviewed by
Mia Consalvo.

If you or your colleagues are interested in reviewing books for RCCS,
contact us directly at <dsilver at u.washington.edu>.  As always, please
feel free to forward this message.

david silver

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