[Air-l] discussion on free papers

Andy Edmonds andyed at surfmind.com
Fri Nov 1 06:39:37 PST 2002

Have people seen: Online or Invisible? Steve Lawrence, NEC Research

Publications which are available online get cited more (alot more).

Figure 2: Analysis of citation rates within publication venues. The graph
shows the distribution of the percentage increase for the average number of
citations to online articles compared to offline articles. The analysis
covers 1,494 publication venues containing at least 5 online and 5 offline
articles. For 90% of venues, online articles are more highly cited on
average. On average there are 336% more citations to online articles
compared to offline articles published in the same venue [the first, second
(median), and third quartiles of the distribution are 58%, 158%, and 361%].

Andy Edmonds
Human Factors, Clemson Univ

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