[Air-l] Re: mail delivery in 19th-century London, Brownings' courtship

Brenda Danet brenda.danet at yale.edu
Wed Nov 13 09:20:26 PST 2002

Nancy Baym wrote:

>A related note I've seen mentioned but can't remember where (Naomi
>Baron, are you here? you must know, it was probably you) is 19th
>century London where mail was delivered several times daily.
>Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning apparently carried out
>their famed courtship through this mail in a way that parallels
>email. Nancy

I referred to all this in my paper, reference below. In mid- to late 
Victorian London, mail was delivered once every hour for 12 hours of the 
day (source: Asa Briggs, Victorian Things,  Chicago: Univ. of Chicago 
Press, 1988).
Danet, Brenda. 1997. "Books, Letters, Documents: the Changing Aesthetics of 
Texts in Late Print Culture." Journal of Material Culture 2:5-38.

You have a good memory, Nancy!

Brenda Danet
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