[Air-l] airport and conference hotel

Liss Jeffrey ljeffrey at mcluhan.org
Fri Aug 1 09:30:23 PDT 2003

Greetings all.
You may fly into either Toronto airport, however all international flights 
go to Pearson International. The web site offers more detail on this.
The city airport is restricted in terms of flights, which is not surprising 
considering it is right on the waterfront of Canada's largest city, and a 
20 minute cab ride to the Hilton Hotel.

The Hilton is offering great services, and we encourage everyone to stay 
there in the interests of the conference itself.
Charles, our logs show no downtime on the web site so I do not know what 
was up with your connection: please everyone do visit www.ecommons.net/aoir 
-- The site is updated with the latest information on a continuing basis. 
Speaking of which, a new version of the program will be up next week. Yes, 
you will be able to find your papers by name this time around.  The pre 
conference workshops will also go up next week, and you will be able to 
pre-register via Kagi. More to come...
Liss Jeffrey, PhD
director, McLuhan global research network, McLuhan Program, University of 

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