[Air-l] digital divide and non-US perspective on web readings

Randolph Kluver (Assoc Prof) TRKluver at ntu.edu.sg
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it will probably be too late for this semester, but forthcoming
(supposed to have been out by now) from RoutledgeCurzon is Asia.com:
Asia Encounters the Internet, full of chapters exactly like what you are
looking for, including the digital divide in Asia, the social and
political consequences of the Internet in various Asian nations,
including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia,

If you want, I could probably send you one or two early versions of the
chapters in the book, but they won't be the final version.  Look at the
chapter titles, and let me know which ones you would be interested in. 

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> Subject: [Air-l] digital divide and non-US perspective on web readings
> I am requesting help to finish my syllabus.
> I'm looking for two or three readings (total, not each) on two topics:
> 1) digital divide (preferably a reading that does NOT focus 
> on race, and something that is recent)
> 2) a non-US perspective on how the web has/is changing our 
> lives, the way we communicate, etc. The class is called 
> "Communication and Social Change" and too much of what we're 
> doing is US-focused, so I want to include a different perspective.
> I'm looking for short articles/reports (not full blown 
> journal articles) and even popular press articles, preferably 
> available online. The readings are used as discussion 
> stimulants, so they can be controversial (like the recent 
> posting to this list how you can now divorce via SMS in Malaysia). 
> Though general pointers are welcome, due to time pressures I 
> would much appreciate being directed to specific articles 
> rather than entire websites.
> If you prefer, reply directly to bunz at scils.rutgers.edu. 
> Thanks so much!
> Ulla
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